Daaknite Episode 11

Rhonda contemplatingForeseeing Redman’s death the soucouyant had made plans for a new leader, Adrian. Though he is a bit reluctant, he may prove to be even worse than Redman. Two more episodes to graduation.

Adrian walked across the promenade, and threw away the cigarette, in his mouth. He was a different person now. The past few weeks had changed him-drastically. He led the group of boys across the street. They moved like a pack of wild animals. People watched them and stayed from these hooligans fearing that they would attack them, so fearsome were their demeanor. The group went up some stairs into a building overlooking the promenade. Adrian looked at it through the tinted glass, a shade darker than it really was. He had entered a darker side of Trinidad; a Trinidad that he thought never existed. Reaching up the fifth flight they entered a room. A party with mostly young people was taking place. Not staying there, the boys went to a back room. Inside there was Madame -the fire woman- sitting and drinking a glass of wine.

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Daaknite Episode 10

The BlueNarrowly escaping Redman and his crew, Rhonda and her friends seek to put an end those that have been like a picker patch in their sides from the beginning.

As the children fled deeper into the tunnel, Rhonda found an open space with a current of fresh air blowing -a possible exit- and shouted the news back to her friends. Rhonda stepped through the hole and realised that they had been under the cemetery still despite the distance they ran. Grabbing a stick she pointed to a break in the cemetery wall. Redman and the others were in pursuit not far behind.

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Daaknite Episode 9

keston and kayla adventuresWith Rhonda on a hard study vibes, Keston and Kayla decide to go find Bois on their own. This undertaking, however, may prove to be serious trouble. With four more weeks to the Graduation event(*) things are really starting to heat up…

Kayla was on her belly trying to peer down inside of a hole that yawned at Keston from inside the crypt. Keston was appalled at the sight.

“What it is you think you doing?” he asked.

“What?” Kayla replied. She didn’t not hear him as she was trying to look further inside.

“You know how much vagrants and thing does be inside of here?”

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Daaknite Episode 8

Rhonda meets Mama D\'GloLast week: Staying true to her curse the Soucouyant had captured another child of the future. But as she will realise she is not the only supernatural force vying for souls of the youth.

Rhonda hurriedly slammed her book-bag on her bed before taking up some of her notes and a copybook to head back to the library. “You not eating anything girl.” her mother shouted out the door after her. Rhonda was already half way down the street. The girl took her usual shortcut through the cemetery.  In Rhonda’s path an old woman was sitting, in the shade of a tall Silk cotton tree at the centre of the cemetery. Rhonda was usually well mannered and would have told the woman good afternoon had she noticed her but she was in a hurry.

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Daaknite Episode 7

Adrian Soucouyant and CandacePreviously: Whilst Rhonda and the others make plans to search for Papa Bois, the Soucouyant have started to make plans of her own.

Adrian stood outside the building, a big Georgian style house. It was late evening and everything was beginning to change appearance, contrasting to their diurnal bearing. He held the card in his hand, having been kicked out his home he needed money. He got this job offer, an easy one; he had to make some old woman happy.

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Daaknite Episode 6

The villagers chase the creatureWhen last we heard, Keston and Kayla were pondering possible solutions to get rid of Redman and the other creatures of the night who had mysteriously resurfaced. A new girl called Rhonda offers a solution, after their teacher refuses to accept that jumbies exist….

There was an old story told where Alwin caught a soucouyant sucking blood from his daughter. He immediately raised alarm chasing the creature into the night. Hearing his cries, other villagers joined the chase. Alwin found the soucouyant’s decrepit house at the edge of the village and immediately set it ablaze. As the old shack burned, the creature (realising that she would not be able to get her displaced skin) cursed the villagers. Deceit in her eyes, the creature fled, her awesome flames lighting up the night sky. All the villagers decided to forget that night hoping that it would be lost in time.

One villager however did not forget the threat and he taught his daughter about it as she grew up. He armed her with the knowledge of self and strength of spirit to deal with the Soucouyant’s evil when next it came…

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Daaknite Episode 5

Mr Sunny was actually one of my neighbours at the timeLast Episode: …Barely escaping with their lives, Keston and Kayla witness the unique and bizarre departure of the Posse.

The heat was taking its effect on the classroom; children were restless and talked aimlessly among themselves. Redman, in his usual spot at the back of the classroom, casually took his feet off the desk and stood. His hand craftily twisted his hair into dreaded knots. Trying to maintain their students neatly combed hair gave the teachers no end of trouble. “Sir I need to go to the toilet,” he said, approaching Mr Sunny. He was ignored. Mr. Sunny was new to the school but he had already heard countless tales in the staff-room about the delinquent child. He gave his answer without turning. “Sit down boy!” The boy walked closer, his hands pleading. “But sir ah…” He was not allowed time to finish. “But nothing! Sit down and cool it!”

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Daaknite Episode 4

The Terrible TrioKeston was waiting for his friend Kayla on the promenade, deciding that the girl was late, he left to take a walk and cool his head from exam stress. Doing this he met some of the Bad Johns from school and realised that they were more than just bad seeds. Kayla caught up with him just in time to help him escape their clutches. They dashed away from the Bad John crew, and the story continues as they  attempt to make their escape…

“Run Kes!”

Kayla was in front and Keston kept trying to keep pace. Apparently she had more boy days than he did. They dashed across the street, cars screeching and horns blaring in their wake. An irate driver threw curses out his window.

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Daaknite Episode 3

The Douens are all ReadyThis is the Nineties. It is a time when youths applaud violence appearing on screen and then go out on peace missions to save the earth. It is a time where the young publish magazines and rage against corruptive systems, yet prefer to hang out and lose their minds at parties. A time when they are at their most intelligent ever, yet unable to fully pinpoint the possibilities for the future. With such great responsibility and staggering consequences, young minds prefer not to face the coming times with negativity – at least the stronger minds do. The weak, however, became lost and confused: others have banded into groups and prey on those who have lost their courage to face their destinies. This group – the douens – are the lost and are constantly trying to grow their numbers before the end of the system of things. They there fore lash out in hurt and anger toward the gifted. The age old adage that if one cannot have it no one else can thus comes into play. The battle rages to the end of time, and who will win this is still questionable – for the evil grows.

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Daaknite Episode 2

Was not the original drawing for darkie but this kinda fits.In the previous story…

Anton, the self acclaimed Player President, sided up to the three hottest women he’s ever seen. Despite the cautions of his best friend Keston, Anton pelts a hard track at Smallie, Darkie and Reds. After blatantly ignoring him at first, they then proceed to drive Mister Player bazodee in a dimly lit corner of the club. Hours later, they leave him standing covered in sweat, his chest bleeding from a scratch courtesy Reds.

Anxious to explore where he felt the night might lead, Anton jumps into their car and pulls out of the car park in a scream of burning rubber. At the top of the stairs, Keston is left with the impression that this time his friend has gotten in over his head, and the feeling that he may never see his partner again…
And now…

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Daaknite Episode 1

Keston, Darkie, Reds, Adrian and Smallie

Other than the obvious fact that it is darker than the day, there is always a different quality to the night. Its energy… it is mysterious and powerful. On this particular night, a different power is out–woman power.

The scene is a trendy local nightclub, the place packed with a who’s who of the nation’s misguided youth -the hip, the socialites, the rich and the soon-to-be famous. It is Friday, and the end of the week lends an extra bit of festiveness to the atmosphere, intoxicating the spirits of the partygoers.

Adding a special touch to the evening are three young ladies. Sexy, mysterious and deliciously tempting they strut into the club like they own the place. They are obviously not regulars, and their presence causes a stir among the males. As if drawn to a magnet, heads swing in their direction as they saunter across to a dimly lit corner of the packed dance floor.
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